Koh Samed in literature of Pra Aphai Manee of [Soonthornphu] is tourist attraction be popular of Rayong popular tourist form Thai and foreigners located BaanPhe Subdistrict Mueng district [Rayong province] away from the coast Ban Phe Approximately 6.5 kilometers. Space is approximately 3,125 rai. Island is similar to a triangle. [Map Koh Samed] The base of the island on the north. This turn to Ban Phe side. The mountain complex is 2-3 mountains. earthwork on a plane beach most are in North and East. because that is called “Koh Samed” because the island is beginning Koh Samed white and Esomed is red in the past, villagers used a torch light. on koh samed no watercourse about 80% of land is mountain and forest. Rainny begin May-September last month May have a storm of wind and waves. The August rain is frequent.

Hotel Reccommend Sai Kaew Beach Resort: 3,550 Baht

Hot Beach on Koh Samed

Ao Prao Beach Koh Samed The long beach. It is a private beach. The sea is safe to swim.
Saikaew Beach Koh Samed The sand is pure white and the strand is 780 metres in length.
Ao Vongduern Beach Vongduern Beach is the second largest beach on the island.
Ao Kiu Koh Samed crowded beaches and vibrant nightlife.
Ao Wai Ao Wai is located within a short walking distance of Candlelight and Lung Dam Beach.
Ao Cho Koh Samed Small and appropriate for budget tourist.
Ao Noina Koh Samed is the right place for those who are seeking tranquility and privacy.
Ao Karang The best place to experience the traditional lifestyle.
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